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Premier Ecopark Van Giang Villas are of diverse areas, with 3 – 4 bedrooms each. They are smartly-designed to trap sunlight directly, creating an open green living space. What's more, Riverside Villas are home to those who want to experience an eco-friendly living environment.

overview of villas ecopark van giang

Villas Ecopark Van Giang

I. Vuon Mai Villas

Despite located in a modern setting, Vuon Mai villas are surrounded by many green trees which bring cool fresh air to each villa and make it a liveable place.

friendly living environment ecopark van giang

Friendly living environment

There is a clubhouse for communal activities which is opened to the residents living there only. Besides, there are a lot of modern facilities and amenities in Vuon Mai Villas like swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants and gymnasium, to name some.

Vuon Mai villas were constructed on 7.6 ha area of land, in which there are 138 villas of the average areas ranging from 160 to 620 m2. Each villa has 2 – 3 storeys and contains 3 bedrooms.

open space in ecopark van giang

Open living space in Ecopark Van Giang

villa models ecopark van giang

Vuon Mai villa model

amenities in ecopark van giang villas

Amenities in Ecopark Van Giang villas

II. Vuon Tung Villas

Similar to Vuon Mai Villas, Vuon Tung Villas are also immersed in many plants and flowers.

Constructed on 11 ha land area, Vuon Tung Villas are composed of 107 single villas, 72 doublet villas and 25 riverside villas, all of which are of 162 – 900 m2 and have 2 to 3 floors with 3 bedrooms.

Total floor area: 350 – 450 m2.

location of villas ecopark van giang

Location of villas ecopark van giang

real images of villas ecopark van giang

Real images of Vuon Tung villas

1. Single villas

107 single villas constitute a great proportion of Vuon Tung Villas Ecopark Van Giang. They are designed into 3 storeys with 3 – 4 bedrooms. Each villa has the total land area of 300 – 600 m2 including 135 m2 construction land area.

Total floor area: 342 m2

Construction density: 22 – 45 %

Garage included.

single villas ecopark van giang

Single villas Ecopark Van Giang

details single villas ecopark van giang

Details of single villas ecopark van giang

2. Doublet villas

There are 72 doublet villas having 2 – 3 storeys and 3 bedrooms.

-          Garage included

-          Construction density: 30 – 41 %

-          Total land area: 160 – 200 m2

-          Construction land area: 65 m2

real images of doublet villas ecopark van giang

Real images of doublet villas Ecopark Van Giang

3. Riverside villas

Each of 25 riverside villas has 3 bedrooms with a beautiful river view on a total floor area of 350 – 900 m2. Also, each one has 2 – 3 storeys.

riverside villas ecopark van giang

Riverside villas Ecopark Van Giang

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