Villas for sale in Ecopark Van Giang - Best deals in 2023

Sustainability is front of mind for many Vietnamese homebuyers - but green property seekers need not look far with a new sustainable project launching in the Northern capital. Villas for sale in Ecopark can meet both requirements such as sustainability and green property. The information below is the Ecopark villa that may you need.

overview of villas ecopark van giang

Villas for sale in Ecopark: Illustrative picture

1. Dutch Village Villa for sale in Ecopark (Ha Lan Village) 

Coming to Ecopark Dutch Village, visitors would be lost in a beautiful, poetic paradise like in a fairy tale. Along with that, they will be fascinated by the picturesque natural scenery with resort villas, flower shops, tea and cake shops, restaurants, wine restaurants... in a lovely European style, located among gardens. 

  • - Project scale: 8.5 ha
  • - Area of ​​trees & water surface: 5.3 ha (62%)
  • - Number of products: 107 units, rough construction, finishing the exterior
  • - Single villa: 10 units
  • - Duplex villas: 62 units
  • - Commercial townhouses: 35 units
  • - Design style: Dutch Old Village style

2. Ecopark Grand Island Villa 

Ecopark Grand Island is planned by WATG unit which is one of the best design consulting units in the world. Ecopark Grand Island villa has become a special place to enjoy life in the natural environment. The Ecopark Grand island villa for sale is created like palm branches spreading on both sides of the main road, and 4 sides are surrounded by water.

  • - Total area 60.4 ha
  • - The water surface area accounts for nearly 50% (29.6ha).
  • - Tree area is 13% (7.9ha)
  • - Traffic area: 4.8 ha
  • - Planning Unit: WATG

3. Villa Mimosa Ecopark

While providing best practice passive design principles, the Villa Mimosa Ecopark also appeals on an aesthetic level that harmonizes European living space and traditional Vietnamese culture. 

Each Mimosa Valley villa for sale in Ecopark looks like a work of architecture that is luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated. Villas for sale in Ecopark have distinct design styles to match the varied tastes of buyers. Mimosa Valley offers owners a life of the countryside - living like a resort every day.

  • - The total area of ​​the area: 8ha
  • - Including 176 single and duplex villas
  • - Number of floors: 3.5 floors
  • - Number of bedrooms: The villas are designed with 3 to 4 bedrooms

4. Marina Ecopark villas for sale

Notably, Marina Ecopark villas for sale are created in a modern architectural style and open space that maximizes sunlight and captures breathtaking views including a large lake, and neighboring areas. Marina Waterfront Residences is a gem that stands out in Aqua Bay, bringing sustainable value and standing the test of time. 

open space in ecopark van giang

Open living space in Ecopark Van Giang

  • - Total area: 9.2 ha
  • - Development direction: Duplex villas, detached villas, and commercial duplexes
  • - Total number of villas: 189 units
  • - Villa height: 3.5 floors
  • - Number of bedrooms: 3 - 4 bedrooms

5. Vuon Tung villas for sale in Ecopark

Vuon Tung Villa is considered a model of a world-class eco-urban, providing users with the highest quality in terms of infrastructure, architecture, design, furniture, and living space...

  • - The total area of ​​Tung Garden Ecopark is 11,107ha
  • - Including 210 single and duplex villas
  • - 138 detached villas with an area of ​​​​293sqm - 890sqm
  • - 72 semi-detached villas with an area of ​​​​156sqm - 230sqm
  • - Construction density: 40% of the total area, the remaining 60% is divided equally among other works, and the percentage of trees
  • - 241m2 including security house and staff
  • - 2,575.93sqm including swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court, and club
  • - 1.58ha for trees and amusement park
  • - 2.83ha for roads in the area

6. Vuon Mai villas for sale in Ecopark

Offering sustainable living at the core of its design, the "ground-breaking" masterplan for the Vuon Mai villas for sale in Ecopark. This subdivision offers duplexes and single villas. The residents will find all the conveniences, they will need amenities such as a gym, badminton court, tennis court, restaurant, and outdoor event area... 

villa models ecopark van giang

Layout of Vuon Mai villas for sale in Ecopark

  • - Total area: 7.6 ha
  • - Average area: 160 – 620 m2
  • - Number of floors per unit: 2-3 floors
  • - Total floor area: 350 – 450 m2
  • - Number of bedrooms: 3

For more details about Ecopark project, please contact us to get more information: Tan Long Land sales department, hotline: 0986 720 720.

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