Ecopark Van Giang is a premier large–scale real estate project. The villas in the project are of different using areas, having 3 – 4 bedrooms. All of them are smartly designed to trap natural sunlight. Especially, there are Riverside Villas which are airy and spacious, making residents feel comfortable to live in.

Life in Villas Ecopark Van Giang is like a celebration of accomplishments!

overview villas ecopark van giang

Overview of villas Ecopark Van Giang

I. Vuon Mai Villas

1. Introduction

Vuon Mai Villas immerses itself in the shade of various green trees, making it picturesque and unique.

Among Vuon Mai Villas is there a clubhouse for the residents’ access only. The amenities include swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, restaurants and spaces for outdoor activities. Come and enjoy the five-star quality services in Vuon Mai Villas.

vuon mai villas ecopark van giang

Vuon Mai Villas Ecopark Van Giang

Construction land area: 7.6 ha

Number of villas: 138

Average areas: 160 - 620 m2

Number of storeys: 2 – 3

Number of bedrooms: 3

2. Sample images

green trees ecopark van giang

Open green space in Vuon Mai Villas


modern amenities ecopark van giang

Modern amenities in Ecopark Van Giang

villa layout ecopark van giang


Vuon Mai Villa layout

II. Vuon Tung Villas

Vuon Tung Villas are modernly designed, albeit remain eco-friendly. Here is where residents can enjoy the fresh air and an open living space.

The total construction area of Vuon Tung Villas is 11 ha and there are 107 single, 72 doublet and 25 riverside villas, all of which are of diverse areas from 160 to 900 m2 and have 2 – 3 storeys with 3 bedrooms.

vuon tung villas ecopark van giang

Vuon Tung Villas Ecopark Van Giang

vuon tung villas ecopark van giang complex

Layout of Vuon Tung Villas

1. Single villas

There are 107 single villas. The land area of each villa is 300 – 600 m2 (including the construction area of 135 m2). Each villa has from 3 to 4 bedrooms.

single villa layout ecopark van giang

Single villa layout

2. Doublet villas

Vuon Tung Villas is home to 72 doublet villas that have 3 storeys and 3 bedrooms. The average area per each villa is from 160 to 200 m2.


Doublet villa layout

3. Riverside villas

There are 25 riverside villas, from 300 to 900 m2 each, having 2 – 3 storeys and 3 bedrooms. The total floor area is 350 - 900 m2.

beautiful riverside villa ecopark van giang

Beautiful riverside villa

List of properties for rent

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