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Ecopark Van Giang project, invested by Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, is the leading project in building an ecological life in Vietnam. And renting villas in Ecopark Van Giang is the best choice to live in a convenient place. Villas for rent in Ecopark are equipped with lots of amazing onsite amenities that meet all the requirements of customers.

overview villas ecopark van giang

Overview of villas in Ecopark Van Giang, Hung Yen

Introduction of villas for rent in Ecopark Van Giang

Park River Villas is part of phase 2 of Ecopark project, designed as a green oasis with a balanced ecosystem between trees, water surface, and landscape park. Park River includes multi-style housing products including garden streets, duplex villas, lakeside villas, riverfront townhouses, etc., designed in harmony and sophistication, creating a dynamic urban space. 

vuon mai villas ecopark van giang

Planning of Vuon Mai villas in Ecopark Van Giang

Park River villas and townhouses are located on a land area with a total area of ​​8.5 hectares, of which trees and traffic account for 45%, including 221 houses of various types of commercial townhouses, garden townhouses, Riverfront townhouses, lakeside villas, duplex villas, central villas, and special villas. Here are the types of villas you can rent to live in: 

Lakeside Villas in Ecopark

Park River lakeside villa has an area of ​​​​310m2, is built on 3 floors, and is designed with 3-4 bedrooms, and rooms with spacious balconies, both bringing the surrounding scenery and ensuring the health of residents. Each villa has its private garden, designed according to the wishes of the owner.

Duplex villa in Ecopark Van Giang

Duplex villas are currently a big concern with the leading consumption in all types of real estate. Park river duplex villa has an area of ​​​​189m2, is built on 3 floors, including 3 bedrooms, and has a miniature garden, garage, and balcony in each room, suitable for the choice of many families.

Central Villa in Ecopark 

With an area of ​​​​more than 400m2, Park River central villa has a spacious, airy design, full of amenities, bringing a high-class life to residents.

Special Villa in Ecopark

Park River offers special Ecopark villas for rent/sale with an area of ​​more than 660m2, which is a classy choice for rich people with a comfortable life and also very close to nature. This special villa was built to be a special gift for the most sublime life in the heart of the capital.

Positioned at the center of the home with easy access to the living and dining rooms, the five-star kitchen will be a treat for anyone who loves culinary creativity. This is a comfortable, warm villa that offers a passive design and opulent construction. The villas for rent in Ecopark are grateful places that renters never want to leave. 

Villas subdivision of Ecopark project

Information of Vuon Mai villas for rent in Ecopark


green trees ecopark van giang

Open green space in Vuon Mai Villas

  • - Construction land area: 7.6 ha
  • - Number of villas: 138
  • - Average areas: 160 - 620 m2
  • - Number of storeys: 2 – 3
  • - Number of bedrooms: 3

villa layout ecopark van giang

Layout of villas in Vuon Mai 

Information of Vuon Tung villas for rent in Ecopark

Vuon Tung Villas are modernly designed, albeit remain eco-friendly. Here is where residents can enjoy the fresh air and open living space. The total construction area of Vuon Tung Villas is 11 ha and there are 107 single, 72 doublets, and 25 riverside villas, all of which are of diverse areas from 160 to 900 m2 and have 2 – 3 storey with 3 bedrooms.

vuon tung villas ecopark van giang

Vuon Tung Villas in Ecopark Van Giang

vuon tung villas ecopark van giang complex

Layout of Villas in Vuon Tung Ecopark

What are the advantages of villas for rent in Ecopark?

Here are some benefits when you move into villas for rent in Ecopark:

  • - 2 spacious living rooms, equipped with luxurious sofa, Smart TV…
  • - 1 self-contained bedroom with a bathtub, balcony
  • - 2 bedrooms with self-contained toilets, standing bathrooms, and double beds
  • - Fully equipped kitchen, spacious dining table, modern furniture
  • - The rooftop has clothes drying yard and is cool
  • - There is a separate car parking space
  • - Suitable for large people, for 1-2 families to rent together

Fantastic utilities and services of Ecopark villas for rent 

With each villa in Ecopark, homeowners can enjoy the onsite facilities which are equipped including: 

  • - Outdoor relaxing space, green garden, beautiful landscape
  • - Laundry area, clothes hanger, washing machine, drying yard
  • - Air conditioning
  • - Quiet working corner
  • - Bathtub, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, brush, toothpaste, ...
  • - Car parking
  • - Safe for children
  • - Fridge
  • - Balcony
  • -Motorcycle parking
  • - Internet
  • - Tissue paper, microwave, mineral water, oven, fireplace
  • - Cable television
  • - Toilet paper
  • - Gas/electric stove
  • - Smart TV, Wifi…

The information above is our shares about villas for rent in Ecopark if you have any questions about the project, please contact Tan Long Land sales department immediately to get the details as soon as possible. Hotline: 0986 720 720
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