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Townhouses and shophouses for rent in Ecopark Van Giang create business opportunities and living. Because the Ecopark Van Giang project always welcomes a large number of customers to visit, that guarantees business profitability. 

overview truc townhouses ecopark van giang

Illustrative master plan of Ecopark Van Giang

Overview of townhouses and shophouses in Ecopark

In central Ecopark - Phase 1, Truc townhouses Ecopark Van Giang are surrounded by many business streets, along with parks and walking paths. A combination of living and business space will bring renters the best place to live in. In particular, European-style Truc townhouses are the only area of 110sqm with 3.5-storey each townhouse or shophouse for rent in Ecopark. 

Shophouse Ecopark for rent

Notably, low-rise products in Ecopark include 2 types: lakefront commercial townhouses and stand shophouses for rent in Ecopark. Both have lots of value-add potential when lying on a Korean pedestrian street with tons of bustling activities. Truc townhouse's location is suitable for investors and entrepreneurs who want to set up and develop their business and their enterprises.

Information about Ecopark shophouses and townhouses for rent 

Located in the center of the 1st stage of Ecopark, Pho Truc with a commercial street combined with parks, the promenade is a place for leisure.

  • Total area: 4,3 hectares
  • Growth trend: commercial townhouse in the park
  • Number of shophouses/townhouses: 118 units
  • Area: 110-250sqm
  • Frontage: 5,5 m
  • Height: 3,5 floors
  • Number of bedrooms: 3-4 rooms

Location of townhouses in Ecopark

Location: Ecopark townhouses - Illustrative picture

The type of shophouse facing the pedestrian street will have a lot of rental potential for food and entertainment businesses. The shophouses for rent in Ecopark Van Giang on the back will be suitable for convenience stores, kindergartens, or essential services serving residents of the project. 

townhouse layout ecopark van giang

Layout: Ecopark townhouses for rent/sale - Illustrative picture

Outstanding conveniences when renting Ecopark shophouses

+ Markets, shopping malls

+ Gardens, parks, walking paths

+ Playground, open communal spaces

+ Restaurants, café

+ Swimming pools, badminton courts

+ Easy access to transportation

traditional market ecopark van giang

Traditional restaurants in Ecopark Van Giang complex - Bustling business town

walking paths ecopark van giang

Walking paths Ecopark Van Giang

Shophouse Ecopark Vang Giang - Hung Yen, the podium shophouses at the foot of the apartment buildings bring advantages, appealing to a very high number of residents. Instead of traditional shopping at residential markets, the shophouse for rent in Ecopark Van Giang is at the base of buildings that can serve a large number of residents. 

In Pho Truc, terrace townhouses/shophouses for rent in Ecopark Van Giang are designed with a typical area of 110sqm, 5m of two large fronts, and 3,5 floors. Pho Truc is the best choice for families, who want to combine commercial activities with living space.

Unlike other commercial centers, Pho Truc townhouses/shophouses for rent in Ecopark maximize the sunlight and captures the breathtaking natural scenery. 

If you put too much attention on seeking value-add opportunities, Ecopark Van Giang apartemtns for rent will be what you need. Contact Tan Long Land Sales Department to get the project information as soon as possible!

Hotline: 0986 720 720 

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