Pho Cuc is one of the adjacent villas area with unique and comfortable design in Ecopark Van Giang urban area. With a modern European style, Pho Cuc house consists of adjacent villas combined with the largest living and commercial space.



Right in Pho Cuc area, the villas are designed with typical areas of 110m2 on 3.5 floors; in addition, they are designed with two 5m wide facades. This neighborhood is an optimal choice for families who want to combine business and trade and family living space.

Not just ordinary commercial centers for people to go in and out of shopping, but Pho Cuc has made a difference, bringing visitors back to nature. The design options are split floors with smart stairs to help optimize the use of townhouses and designs are customized according to needs, taking advantage of fresh air and natural landscapes of Ecopark ecological urban area, an ideal space to bring people into harmony with nature from every angle.


Overview of shophouses in Pho Cuc area


Floor plan of shophouse in Pho Cuc

Shophouse in Pho Cuc are designed with different typical areas, expected to be about 80 to 120m2 from 4-5 floors, especially houses here are designed with 2 frontages 5 to 7 m wide, suitable for households have both work and living needs.

- Block A

Area up to 110m2

The facade of 5.5m2 with a business area of 90m2 is designed into 2 self-contained bedrooms, an additional bedroom, a basic completed kitchen with all necessary equipment.


Floor plan of shophouse in block A


- Blocks B, C and D

Has an area of 110m2 with a facade of about 5m wide with a total floor area of 376m2, a business area of 85m2, designed into 3 self-contained bedrooms with a fully-completed kitchen with wooden floors and electrical equipment.


Shophouse in block B, C and D



With modern facilities, residents in Pho Cuc area can enjoy a natural life full of colors with a romantic jogging track, a large green park system with hundreds of blooming flowers. With just one step, residents can blend in with the vibrant life with hundreds of modern shops, food courts such as Highland coffee, Areca tree restaurants, etc., along with clubhouses with fully equipped with amenities to meet all the entertainment needs of the people.


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