Penthouses Ecopark Van Giang are of two kinds of using areas that are 151.07 m2 and 173.18m2. They are located in the two highest storeys of the apartment blocks. Each penthouse has 2 floors. There are 2 types of penthouses:

-          Type D: 151.07 m2 using area with 70.5 m2 garden

-          Type E: 173.18 m2 using area with 66 – 82 m2 garden

overall floor plan of penthouse ecopark van giang

Overall floor plan of penhouses Ecopark Van Giang

Living rooms of penthouses in Ecopark Van Giang are elegantly and luxuriously designed. They are roughly finished so that to-be-owners can decorate the house on their own demand. Still, balcony door systems, windows, and main doors and fully completed. There are two types of exposure: North and South

Residents can get full access to all of the amenities and services offered by the Apartment Management Board such as health care, education and entertainment…etc.


With all of the aforementioned features, Ecopark Van Giang is strongly believed to bring you the life you have always dreamt of! Ecopark – to live is to enjoy your life!

perspective drawing of penthouse ecopark van giang

Layout of penthouses in Ecopark

layout of first floor penthouse ecopark

Layout of first floor penthouse Ecopark

layout of second floor penthouse ecopark

Layout of second floor penthouse Ecopark

173 m2 penthouse ecopark van giang

173 m2 penthouse Ecopark Van Giang

layout of 173 m2 penthouse ecopark

Layout of 173 m2 penthouse Ecopark

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