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A few years ago, the area near the Bat Trang ancient village near the Red River was still a wilderness area with corn fields.

But now, the appearance of Ecopark has brought to the villa is designed elegantly and is covered by a cool blue and makes the land here bustling, worthwhile.

        No land of gold in the inner city, more than 10km from the center of Hanoi, there is no "marks" of the owner of foreign real estate giant but the project still has strong gravity. There is no denying the objective luck when the project is facilitated by the appearance of the large bridges of Vinh Tuy, Thanh Tri shorten the travel time significantly. But the main attraction of the project is not just there, but a whole new bold orientation is to create an ecologically sustainable urban development platform that goes beyond " God "most difficult. Boiling down with dense concrete blocks in the city, bored with frequent traffic jams, our customers have chosen Ecopark as a new lifestyle that promises an exciting experience.

Ecopark Van Giang Apartments for Rent

Ecopark Van Giang Apartments for Rent

         Vihajico, build a house along the road, build a house at the same time create a living environment for residents. It is the synchronous and modern infrastructure of Ecopark together with the scale of the project that has contributed to rebalancing the real estate development axis for Hanoi city. The land of the East, like the attractive young girl, has "crowned" itself after the reign of the "old lady" of the West, and the presence of Ecopark has led to a number of familiar projects. East to benefit in general. And perhaps because of the love of the blue full of vitality here, love the sound of birds, love the gentle sun through the leaves, but the road is far away, back to Ecopark people like the feeling of heaven However, taking refuge in nature and the distance is not what you spend on emotions and how to enjoy life completely new bring.

This place is not only a green living environment, but also a variety of facilities to meet the increasing demand of residents by living in Ecopark Van GIang apartments as living in a forest but enjoying the quality of services. Best case. Quality of service will be a competitive advantage of Ecopark.

          Still under the blue color, will be the school from kindergarten to university, the park, modern amusement park, busy business centers, hospitals, offices for rent ... University Britain first in Vietnam

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