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Owning a land area of nearly 500 hectares, Vihajico is capable enough to build high quality housing projects such as villas, townhouses,...

Housing project

Owning a land area of nearly 500 hectares, Vihajico is capable enough to build high quality housing projects such as villas, townhouses, villas on the island. In the form of flexible cooperation, reasonable incentives for land prices, coupled with modern infrastructure and surrounding projects, will be a distinct advantage when investors cooperate with Vihajico. In addition, Vihajico is also ready to accompany and share with investors, for the most effective investment, bringing the best business results for investors.

Trade and services

Located in the economic zone of the Northern Industrial Zone of Hung Yen Province, the urban area has a great geographical advantage, just over 10 km from central Hanoi and surrounded by traditional trade villages in the delta region. Rejected. At present, the number of tourists to Bat Trang trade village and neighboring areas is rapidly increasing. The operation of the commercial and service system will not only serve the urban population, but will also include residents in the surrounding area and visitors. Commercial projects and services that investors may be interested in include: Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Amusement Parks, Amusement Parks, International Schools. Hospital,, High-Tech Research / Career Development Center, Sports Complex.

Ecopark Van Giang Apartments for rent

Ecopark Van Giang Apartments for rent

Infrastructure system

Apartments for rent in Ecopark are a green urban area, friendly with the environment developed according to the criteria of sustainable development. The investor wishes to cooperate with experienced investors and good technical level to jointly invest in and manage the following business items: Providing clean water, energy friendly to nature Providing telecommunication, television, digital services; Water system, waste treatment system; Solar system, intelligent house ... The partners will build the infrastructure and receive the land use right in Ecopark.

Investment incentives

For secondary investment projects, the investor will enjoy preferential policies of Hung Yen province provided to the investor. In addition, investors will have flexible incentive policies to best support investors, especially those of large scale and long term projects. The investor is committed to ensuring the incentives for projects with the following elements:

- On the investment progress: Prioritize projects to quickly deploy utility works to best serve the life of residents and enterprises and create added value for the urban area.

- On the quality of investment: Prioritize the selection of the highest quality services to bring optimal conditions for the community.

 - On the scale of investment: Priority is given to large-scale, long-term proposals and in line with the overall planning of the whole project.


In addition to working with real estate partners, we are also available to discuss financial investment opportunities for long-term investors. We understand that it will take years for Vihajico to fully develop 499 hectares of land, and be ready to share its development potential with financial investors who can further diversify Vihajico's capital. So we are looking for financial investors to provide commercial loans, bonds as well as other capital investments to finance these component projects.

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