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Enjoying the great benefits of being located within the unique waterfront of the Ecopark, Park River is well equipped to offer the same level of utility services.

Enjoying the great benefits of being located within the unique waterfront of the Ecopark Van Giang apartments for rent, Park River is well equipped to offer the same level of utility services. Surrounding Park River are the villas on the solemn island of elegance; The bustling business district and beautiful resort area ... life here is considered the most worth living in Ecopark urban area.

Great relaxation after the chaos of work

With high-class resort style, Park River creates a peaceful world with full of services and facilities. Nature at the door with all the conveniences at hand has created unique values for Park River.

Apartments for rent in Ecopark Van Giang

Apartments for rent in Ecopark Van Giang

Community club at Park River

Park and community club at Park River has an area of more than 3,300 m2, harmonious combination of ancient trees, shade trees, and hundreds of flowers create a special natural painting is masterpiece The work of the leading design experts in the country and the world. Once completed and put into use, the clubhouse offers a full range of international standard services and facilities to meet the needs of the leisure, recreation and leisure traveler.


- Pool for adults and children

- 01 tennis court

- 02 badminton courts

- Gym, Sauna & Jacuzzi

- Outdoor event area

- Green Park

- Walking area

        Park system

       Three park systems: spring park, summer park and autumn park are built exclusively for residents at Ecopark. In cool green surroundings, with grassy greens, families can organize picnics, BBQ BBQ parties, parties with friends and relatives, or join in exciting games. If Park Summer is the ideal space for picnics, extracurricular activities, the Park of Autumn will be the place to design and build international quality golf courses on an area of ​​3.5 hectares. Besides, spring park with an area of ​​nearly 3 hectares is the place where nursery projects are developed and clean vegetables are provided to urban dwellers.

         Urban security

         Living in a community of high-end Villa and Townhouses, customers will be completely reassured by the 24-hour urban security system. Entrance gates of the Ecopark are equipped with security cameras and security guards in a professional manner. The space here is designed to be a gateway and an entrance will ensure a stable security, so that the family has time to enjoy the resting moments, relax during the day.

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