Ecopark Van Giang Villa has diversified areas containing 3-4 bedrooms with logical designto be able to welcome sunshine and wind. The highlight of Ecopark villa ensemble is the riverside villas creating modern living space that is close to nature for residents.

Vuon Tung Villa zone is located in Ecopark Villa ensemble with hundreds of modern villas. Each unit is covered with green trees giving the owner a fresh living space in harmony with nature.

Vuon Tung Villa in Ecopark Van Giang


Vuon Tung Villa is constructed under area of 11 ha, including 138 detached villas, 72 semi-detached villas and 25 riverside villas with different areas from 162m2 to 900m2 constructing with 2-3 storeys, using areas of 350m2 - 450m2, 3-4 bedrooms.

Vuon Tung Villa

Detached villas

Vuon Tung has 138 detached villas with areas from 300m2 to 600 m2, construction areas of 135m2 x 3 floors, usable area of 342m2, designed from 3 to 4 bedrooms. The villas have low construction density from 22% to 45%. Each unit offers small garden, a garage and door systems equipped with modern security device ensuring a comfortable life for residents.

Semi detached villas

In addition to detached villas, Vuon Tung also includes 72 semi-detached villas with average areas from 160m2 to 200m2, construction with 65m2, 2.5 storeys, low construction density of 30% - 41%. Each unit has logical arrangement to catch natural light and wind including 3 bedrooms, garden, garage and modern security system. All rooms have balconies overlooking the surrounding scenery.

Riverside villas

Special highlight of Vuon Tung is 25 riverside villas, areas of 300m2 to 900m2 constructing with 2.5 - 3 floor, usable areas from 350m2 - 900m2. Each villa includes 3 bedrooms, logically designed to maximize its usable area.

Design of Vuon Tung villas

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