Park River in Ecopark Van Giang urban is constructed with the idea of "active life" reflected youthful and bright colors and modern architecture style with housing products combined business purposes to create a full of creative and modern life. Especially, Park River Villa zone provides an unique and peaceful space with high-end facilities and services.

Park River villas


The zone is located in the southern of Bac Hung Hai river and adjacent to the park. It belongs to unique products of Ecopark urban with beautiful natural landscape. Park River is surrounded by luxurious villas with bustling commcercial area and resorts.

Location of Park River

Information of Park River

Park River has total area of 10.8 ha with 45% of housing area, the remaining 46% of green spaces and paths. It offers 245 villas and houses with 4 types of villas:

- Lakeside villas: 310m2 with 3 storeys, 3-4 bedrooms

- Semi-detached villas: 189m2 with 3 storeys, 3 bedrooms

- Central villas: 400m2

- Special villas: over 660m2

Taking advantage of space and scenery, all villas have modern design with airy rooms, full of natural light and cool breeze. Each villa has big garden, garage for car parking, balcony with beautiful view of the romantic landscapes and lake.

Villas in Park River Ecopark


Living in Park River, residents feel free to enjoy all amenities in the clubhouse which has total area of over 3.300m including green space (spring, summer and autumn gardens), BBQ areas, gym, spa, pool, golf courses, shopping malls...

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