With the same pattern with Vuon Mai villa zone in Ecopark Van Giang, all detached, semi-detached and riverside villas in Vuon Tung zone are designed with modern and high-ranking architecture style. Residents will be immersed in tropical forests filled with lots of greeneries and warm sunshine. The zone is considered as a ideal model of international-level ecological urban giving its residents the highest quality in infrastructure, architecture, design, interior and living space.

Vuon Tung villa zone

Perspective of Vuon Tung villa zone

Diverse areas:

- Semi-detached villas: 72 units in areas from 156m2 - 230m2 with 3 storeys

- Detached villas: 138 units in areas from 293m2 - 890m2 with 3 storeys

- Riverside villas: 25 units in areas from 300m2 - 900m2 with 2.5-3 storeys


Vuon Tung Villa Zone has the most prime location at Ecopark Van Giang where is along with the gently flowing Bac Hung Hai creating a green and blue range. Every resident can enjoy a peaceful, natural environment.

Location of Vuon Tung villa zone

Location of Vuon Tung villa zone


- Total area: 11,107ha

- Villa construction density: 40%

- Greeneries and other utilities: 60%

- Swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton courts and clubs: 2575.93m2

- Greeneries and children's playground: 1.58 ha

- Transportation road: 2.83 ha

Layout of Vuon Tung villa zone

Layout of Vuon Tung villa zone


Designed by the leading architects, Vuon Tung villa zone in Ecopark Van Giang includes over 200 detached, semi-detached and riverside villas. It is considered as the most anticipated housing in Phase 1 of the project beause of impressive open space bringing luxurious and comfortable living space that is close and friendly with environment.

The clubhouse is built in the central park of Ecopark Vuon Tung zone offering residents exclusively high-end amenities like swimming pool, playground for children, tennis courts, badminton courts, gym, relaxing area, reading area, restaurants, sauna... for a modern and convenient living space.


With total 138 detached villas in areas from 293m2 to 890m2, Vuon Tung villas contain 3 floors with open space to welcome natural light and wind in your house. Level 1 is a place to warmly greet guests or enjoy cozy meals with luxurious living room, dining room and modern kitchen. Bedrooms and common living room are arranged at level 2 to bring a peaceful and comfortable feeling. At level 3, there is a functional room for multi purpose with big and airy balcony for relaxing.

Detached villas in Vuon Tung zone

Detached villas in Vuon Tung zone


Similar to detached villas, semi-detached villas consists of 72 units constructing 3 floors with full modern amenities. With wide range of areas from 156m2 to 230m2, each unit are carefully designed to optimize its utility of the house.

- Level 1: Living room + kitchen

- Level 2: Bedrooms + common living room

- Level 3: Multi functional room

Semi-detached villas in Vuon Tung zone

Semi-detached villas in Vuon Tung zones


In Vuon Tung zone, there are 25 riverside villas with open and airy spaces. Each villa is designed from 2.5 - 3 floors in areas of 300m2 - 900m2 (3 bedrooms).

Riverside villas in Vuon Tung zone

Riverside villas in Vuon Tung zone


Public park system and community clubhouse at Vuon Tung zone has area over 100,000m2 providing a full range of facilities and services in international standards, to meet the needs of entertainment and relaxation for residents.

- Swimming pool for adults and children

- 02 tennis courts

- 03 badminton courts

- Gym, Sauna & Jacuzzi

- Outdoor Common Areas

- Public Park System

- Promenade road

- 24h security

Swimming pool

Gym center


Public Park System

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  • Hotline

    0986 720 720


    0986 720 720

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