Vuon Mai villa zone in Ecopark Van Giang with modern and luxurious architecture style are designed with open spaces in harmony with nature. Owners will be immersed in tropical forests with greeneries and different flower species creating a special natural picture.

The highlight of the Vuon Mai villa zone is a clubhouse which is designed exclusively for villa owners with area of 1 ha including swimming pool, tennis courts, badminton courts; gym; outdoor event area, restaurants, sauna ... With the investment in modern and high quality facilities and services, the clubhouse brings aspects as a "high class - all inclusive" resort.

Vuon Mai Villa Zone

Vuon Mai Villa Zone

Vuon Mai villa zone has completed construction with opitimization of its utility. Customers can get fully furnished villas where they can instantly move in.

- Semi-detached villas: 72 units, areas from 160m2 to 203m2 with 3 storeys and completed exterior construction.

- Detached villas: 107 units, areas from 296m2 to 618m2 with 3 storeys and completed exterior construction.

- Riverside villas: 25 units, areas from 300m2 to 900m2 with 2.5 - 3 storeys

Layout of Vuon Mai Villa

Layout of Vuon Mai Villa

All information for Vuon Mai villas for sale/rent, please contact: Mr. Liem (0979.776.776)


Vuon Tung - Vuon Mai in Ecopark owns the most beautiful locations in the planning of Ecopark where Bac Hung Hai river flows through forming a graceful green range. It was perfect position to enjoy this beautiful feng shui location and peaceful space.

Location of Vuon Mai Villa

Location of Vuon Mai Villa


- Total area: 7.6 ha

- Areas: 160m2 - 620 m2

- Number of floors: 2-3 floors

- Total floor areas: 350m2 - 450 m2

- Number of bedrooms: 3


- Type: T1 (standard)

- Areas: 300m2 - 600 m2

- Number of floors: 3

- Construction Area: 135 m2

- Total floor area: 342 m2

- Construction density: 22% - 45%

- Number of bedrooms: 3-4

- Garage

Design of detached villas

Design of detached villas

Detached villas in Vuon Mai zone

Detached villas in Vuon Mai zone


- Type: C1-A (standard)

- Areas: 160m2 - 220 m2

- Number of floors: 3

- Construction area: 65 m2

- Total floor area: 192 m2

- Construction density: 30% - 41%

- Number of bedrooms: 3

- Garage

Design of semi detached villas

Design of semi-detached villas


- Total villas: 25

- Areas: 300m2 - 900 m2

- Number of floors: 2.5-3 floors

- Total floor areas: 350m2 - 900 m2

- Number of bedrooms: 3

Riverside villas in Vuon Mai zone

Riverside villas in Vuon Mai zone


Complex of Sports center and Playground for children

Living at Vuon Mai, residents can enjoy exclusively advanced facilities and services: wide-open pool, children's playground, outdoor common area, tennis courts, badminton courts, relaxing area, reading area, gym, yoga, Jacuzzi ... located in the clubhouse with area of 9.395m2. All is to provide relaxing and comfortable place meeting modern and convenient community space for residents.

Complex of sports center and playground for children

Public park system

Residents can enjoy the public park system in spring, summer and autumn at Ecopark Van Giang. A summer park is home to green and airy space with green carpet whers families can organize camping, outdoor BBQ, parties with friends and relatives, or join in many outdoor games. If the summer park is ideal for picnics, extra curricular activities, an autumn park is a place designed for international quality golf courses under area of 3.5 ha. Besides, a spring park with area of 3 ha is a place for development projects in garden and fresh vegetable planting to supply for its residents.

Public Park System


Vuon Mai Villa offers 24/24 security system. Each entrance is arranged a security port. Besides, one entrance and one exit gates will ensure stable security for families.

Security system

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