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Ecopark apartments have been the dream go-to destination for city slickers who want to live in urban harmonizing with nature. And purchasing apartments for sale in Ecopark Van Giang would be the perfect opportunity to discover a new work-life balance. 

view from above ecopark van giang

Illustrative picuture: Ecopark Buildings

Overview of apartments for sale in Ecopark Van Giang

Location: 12.8km from central Hanoi, in Van Giang Dist, Hung Yen Province.

- Total land area: 40.100sqm

- Construction area: 9.020sqm

- Number of apartment blocks: 13

- Total number of apartments: 1500

- Types of apartment area: 70.9sqm, 83.3sqm, 91.8sqm

Especial, there are also Sky Villa Apartments of 154sqm and 165sqm. These 13 apartment blocks share the same basement and are divided into 3 categories:

- Three 19-storey blocks

- Six 22-storey blocks

- Four 25-storey blocks

features of ecopark van giang

Features in Ecopark Van Giang: Illustrative picture

Ideal destination of apartments for sale in Ecopark Van Giang

Ecopark apartments for sale are located belong the sides of Bac Hung Hai river, a branch of Red River and Duong river, which represents "prosperity, security". It is considered a notable feature in Ecopark that is just found in prosperous cities in the world such as London, Vienne, Paris, etc.

Only 25 minutes drive from the capital, Ecopark urban area is a long-standing hotspot in the North of Vietnam for investors/buyers looking for high-quality properties and fantastic amenities. Apartments for sale in Ecopark are also one of the most prestigious suburbs when it comes to comes to property prices for both buying and renting.

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Ecopark apartments for sale - Elegant outside and inside

Rung Co - apartments for sale in Ecopark are in phase 1's center of a project, close to busy business streets mixed with parks, the promenade is a great relaxing place for you. Rung Co apartment complex is located on an area of 40,100 sqm, a saleable area of 9,020 sqm. Including 13 basement apartment buildings, the design includes:

-3 buildings - 19 floors

-4 buildings - 25 floors

There are 1500 apartments in Rung Co (Phase 1), which were designed with many types of layout floors: 70.9sqm, 83.3sqm, and 91.8sqm. Especially Skyvilla apartments: 154sqm and 165sqm. Penthouses: 240sqm.

living room ecopark van giang dining room

Combined space of living room and dining room

bedroom ecopark van giang

Elegant and gracious bedroom - a apartment for sale in Ecopark 

luxurious bedroom ecopark van giang

Luxurious bedroom of Ecopark apartments for sale

Construction project owners put a lot of effort into the design to bring the best accommodation for residents. A sense of openness is key in the floorplans, with the kitchen flowing seamlessly into the dining spaces, halls, and bedrooms. The landscaping in Rung Co has been created to bring nature to the doorstep with the 4 large parks, millions of trees and a comprehensive system of sports, entertainment, and educational facilities. Additionally, the interiors of each apartment for sale in Ecopark offer a neutral color palette that dwellers can personalize to their liking.

Abundant utilities that meet the dwellers' requirements when owning apartments for sale in Ecopark Van Giang

Living in Ecopark, residents not only buy a place to live but also buy a living space to enjoy life. It means that dwellers can immerse themselves in the breath of nature, have a picnic with friends to maintain friendships, or spend time with families on the grass. We will understand what is humane and happy living space.

Ecopark has the desire to create a green, modern, and worthy living city; a humane and prosperous community ... Those are important commitments to ensure that customer investment always increases in value over time. The education system is deployed synchronously from preschool to university, meeting the high-quality education standards of Vietnam and internationally:

- Waseda Medical Academy (Japan), 

- British University Vietnam (BUV), 

- Doan Thi Diem High School, 

swimming pool ecopark van giang

Swimming pool in Ecopark complex

Ecopark's private bus route is completely free, with many convenient stops to help people move anywhere in the simplest way. There is plenty of storage for things like gyms, body care services, art clubs, swimming pools, golf courses, private bus routes, green parks, hospitals, etc — all perfect for apartments and a sense of community with the residents. Entertainment and education have become indispensable needs in modern life. This factor is specially focused on by the investor Ecopark to not only serve the needs of residents but also satisfy the community.

At Tan Long Land, we are a distributor of real estate projects with many experts with more than 20 years of practical experience in the market and a sales staff of up to 1000 people. With the same desire to bring customers the best quality products with the best products and the best service environment, Tan Long Land has been raised, positioned, and branded in Vietnam. We commit to providing the best consulting service to our customers to help them choose the appropriate apartment for sale in Ecopark Van Giang. 

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