It can be seen that the Sky Oasis Ecopark apartment building is one of the first high-end apartment subdivisions introduced and launched by Ecopark in mid-2020. Being located in The Island Bay complex, the Sky Oasis apartment building owns a central location. The prime location on the Grand the Island island complex, all are optimally designed with 100% of the apartments possessing a spacious view and finally, the residents of the project will have the most comfortable living space with the commercial street with more than thousands of outstanding utilities.

Overview of Sky Oasis subdivision

Overview of Sky Oasis subdivision


Location of apartment Sky Oasis Ecopark

Sky Oasis apartment building inherits the classy location of Ecopark urban area with a convenient transportation system. Besides, the detailed location of the project is as follows:

  • Adjacent to the island villa area – the most high-class luxury product lines Ecopark
  • Adjacent to Nguyet Que subdivision, Park River
  • Located on the arterial internal road in the Western belt, and directly connected to Bong Lau Bridge & Ecopark Phase 1

Floor plan and design of Sky Oasis Ecopark apartment

The floor plan of the Sky Oasis Ecopark apartment building has an extremely optimal design and is extremely private with the separation of two units on the same ground. With wide and open corridor spaces, it once again brings natural spaces to all apartments in the project.

The number of one-floor apartments is: 17 units

  • 1-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​32-40m2
  • Two-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​74-83m2
  • 3-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​93-107m2

Utilities of Sky Oasis Ecopark apartment complex

Located in the West of Ecopark Sky Oasis, enjoying the cool breeze of the big city;

  • Located next to the island villa area with green spaces and water surface of more than 350,000 m2;
  • An enchanting 9km long 5-sense walking path along Swan Lake
  • Full view of Swan Lake, Golf Course, Red River and endless green spaces of green urban area  Ecopark;
  • Fresh air exceeding European standards;
  • The special thing is that the temperature is always 2-3 degrees Celsius lower than the surrounding environment;

Sky Oasis with 2 floors of the commercial podium with a total floor area of ​​​​up to nearly 11,000m2, is especially large enough to promote commercial business and services for about 20,000 residents of The Island Bay, especially In the near future, it will attract both residents of Palm Springs and Aqua Bay subdivisions, and will become the most vibrant center of Ecopark.

Not stopping there, Sky Oasis also has unique new facilities, such as the Sky Garden on the 21st floor, the Sky Lounge area, and the infinity pool on the 41st floor. All residents can comfortably relax between clouds and enjoy the panoramic view of the city of millions of green trees of Ecopark.

Utilities at Sky Oasis subdivision

Utilities at Sky Oasis subdivision

Why should you choose the Ecopark apartment?

  • The most attractive point, this is a green, clean, noise-free urban area, say no to smog, and no pollution and no traffic jams. promises in the near future a place to live and enjoy for health.
  • With smart, modern, and luxurious designs with full legal documents as prescribed by law. especially say no to the house of the same owner, the red book, the pink book, etc.
  • With a relatively affordable price, suitable and suitable for middle-income families, newlyweds, etc. With only 1.6 billion VND, you can get a house right away. And it is possible to live in a place with the greenest environment in Hanoi.

With the class value that Ecopark urban area brings, we believe that this place will be an ideal residence and outstanding investment potential for a large number of customers as well as investors.

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