Officially opened for sale on July 29, 2017, Park 1 project, Ecopark Van Giang urban area, really brings a high-class green living space to a large number of residents with a view of golf course villas, a cool green lake, and an Urban Beach artificial beach.

Park apartment - Ecopark Van Giang

Park apartment - Ecopark Van Giang


Possessing a prime location in the heart of Ecopark urban area, but  Grand Park Premium is considered to have the most favorable location in 7 buildings with a wide-open view of 270 degrees, completely unobstructed by buildings on both sides of the tower.

For the first time in the North, customers can own an apartment with a million-dollar view embracing the beautiful soft green stripe and the endless stretch of the 18-hole golf course. It is wonderful to wake up every morning to be one with nature, enjoy the fresh air, awaken all senses to start a great new day.

Prime location at Ecopark Van Giang

Prime location at Ecopark Van Giang

The design style is bold with the magnificent European breath

With the inspiration of magnificent European style, Grand Park Premium is the first tower at Ecopark with European design style. Right from the apartment lobby, you can feel the large and splendid space with large columns covered with natural stone, door frames with intricate hand-crafted patterns. Besides, the interior decoration details are also designed in classic European style. Each apartment has a flexible area from 46m2 to 100m2, maintaining European inspiration from decorative motifs as well as construction materials.

The apartment is also equipped with smart home equipment, helping each owner enjoy and cherish every moment of life in the green area of ​​Ecopark. In particular, this place also has the appearance of more than 120 super products of 150-200m2 apartments in the Wonders of the Apartment Collection - The Collection, owning a private elevator system and a spacious Skydeck hanging garden in the middle of the sky:

Premium 150+

Ideal space for large families of 3 generations with an area of up to 166.5m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a common living room of 66m2, a Skydeck of nearly 13m2 and a high-class private elevator system. The entire open surface of Premium 150+ has a beautiful view of the green 18-hole golf course.

Premium 200+

With the advantage of a 3-sided corner apartment, Premium 200+ is the only product of Grand Park Premium that owns a 270-degree view of the 18-hole golf course and the blue Aqua Bay. The highlight of Premium 200 is the large space for the Skydeck balcony (30m2) and the common room (67m2). Also only at Premium 200+, the master bedroom has two windows overlooking two directions. As an expensive and classy product, Premium 200+ is equipped with its own elevator using a modern, luxurious and safe magnetic card system.

European-style apartment space with a million-dollar view overlooking the 18-hole golf course "Dual benefits" from 5-star service and high-class facilities

Built and developed with products in Ecopark's upmarket collection, Grand Park Premium residents will enjoy the "double benefits" from 5-star package services and more than 100 adjacent utilities. in the same premium ecosystem.

Owners of Grand Park Premium will be able to live in a building with an international standard management system, a hygienic, clean, civilized, and absolutely safe environment with 5-star services such as 24-hour front desk service. /7, serving breakfast in the room or food preparation service…. As one of 7 buildings in the central area of ​​Aqua Bay, Grand Park Premium residents also fully enjoy adjacent 5-star facilities such as a club system with a gym, swimming pool, sauna, tennis court. ; high-class CGV cinema; high-class inter-schools such as Wellspring and Edison... These are not only convenient services but also the brand value and added value of the urban area for residents.

Grand Park Premium As an "upmarket apartment tower" opened for sale at a time when real estate in Ecopark is vibrant with the investor announcing a plan to switch to high-end real estate investment, Grand Park Premium is expected. will be one of the "falling points" of the real estate market in Vietnam.

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