Apartment Central Lake is located in the center of Aqua Bay subdivision - the southern gateway of the Ecopark urban area. In front of Central Lake is a lake stretching nearly 1km, an artificial beach area.

Central Lake Apartment

Central Lake Apartment


Unique 270-degree water view at Aqua Bay

High-class serviced apartment

Typical facilities at Central Lake

With a location right next to the center of Aqua Bay subdivision, Central Lake apartment owners enjoy views of the Golf course, artificial lake surface and easy access to nearby amenities:

  • Club area, 4-season swimming pool, gym, sauna
  • Green supermarket utility chain
  • Supermarket system of international standards Eco clinics
  • International Bilingual Kindergarten: Creative  Kindercare and Nemo Kindercare
  • Golf Academy, sports field
  • Artificial beach
  • Commercial townhouse


The Lake in Aqua Bay subdivision is built with 2 apartment buildings of 30-36 floors, with 14 apartments/floor, 6 elevators, and 2 automatic parking lots.

6 types of area: AQUA 46, AQUA 58, AQUA 69, AQUA 90, AQUA 150, AQUA 200

The Lake has created an extremely efficient space. The apartments are arranged in the most reasonable way with generous, beautiful spaces and wide viewing angles. All apartments have at least 2 large balconies, welcoming natural air in, large living room and kitchen areas create a cool space.


The apartment is designed with 6 types of utilities

The apartment is designed with 6 types of utilities

1. Apartment AQUA46

1 bedroom + 1 multipurpose, 1 bathroom

With only an area of 46-53m2, the apartment not only offers an airy living room, a spacious bedroom, but also a multi-purpose apartment, which can be easily arranged into a reading room for the whole family. The main balcony embraces the living room and kitchen, making this area always full of natural light.

2. Apartment AQUA 58 C

2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom

This type of apartment is always a highly functional, open-plan living room overlooking the balcony taking advantage of natural light to keep the apartment airy and beautiful.

3. Apartment AQUA 69

2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms

These apartments are designed to optimize the use of space, with the area of each apartment being reasonably designed, optimizing every detail such as bearing columns being replaced by walls, which will reduce the secret space for customers. 

For the type of 2-bathroom apartment, it will be arranged in one bedroom to bring convenience to the owner, the toilet is also located in the space.

The outside makes it easy for all family members or visitors to use.

4. Apartment AQUA 90

3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms

Customers who love spacious and fully equipped living spaces can't miss the 3-bedroom apartment dedicated to 3 generations, with a relaxing space for the elderly, young couples to read, work, and relax. …

The design of the rooms is open, harmoniously connecting the living room, kitchen area, living room, and bedroom. With this design to optimize the area, minimize hidden corners and excess space, both connect family members and ensure privacy for each person. 100% of apartments have 3 sides of view to the outside, all have balconies, large loggias with wide views with large windows to catch the wind, and natural light to create absolute ventilation for the apartment.

5. Apartment AQUA150

3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms

The 150m2 apartment with 3 spacious, modern, comfortable and luxurious bedrooms is always appreciated for privacy for family members.

2 bedrooms are given priority to arrange internal toilets, the living room is adjacent to the kitchen with open space commonly found in apartments, the third toilet is designed to be shared for the living room and the other bedroom.


Apartment AQUA150

A modern apartment will bring you classy living space. More than a house, The Lake - AQUA BAY ECOPARK will be an ideal residence for a large number of upper-class customers. 

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