Rung Co Ecopark apartment block is the first high-class apartment complex to be deployed in phase 1 of Ecopark urban area. With a modern, open space, smart design model, and utility service area, Rung Co apartment provides 1500 luxury apartments with different areas from 70.9m2 to 91.8m2, corresponding to 2-3 bedrooms, SkyVilla apartment with area 154m2 and Penthouse with area from 163.3m2 for up to 178.8m2.



Located near Vuon Tung and Vuon Mai villas, the apartment are fully entertained by the natural landscape with green parks and modern amenities of the urban area.



- Total land area: 40,100m2

- Construction area: 9,020m2

- Construction density: 22.5%

- Percentage of plants on water surface accounts for 23%

Each floor has 6 apartments with a total area of 610m2

Rung Co apartment complex is designed with 5 main subdivisions: A, B, C, D, E with 13 apartment buildings 19-25 floors high (in which 3 buildings with 19 floors, 6 buildings with 22 floors, 4 buildings with 25 floors), providing 1500 luxury apartments to the market.

Premises of apartment in Rung Co Ecopark:





The apartment blocks are intelligently designed to optimize the area, they are arranged in harmony with nature along with wide and beautiful view. Each apartment has 2 large balconies, wide glass walls; all rooms have a spacious and stunning view to enjoy a fresh living space.

Living room floor is paved with industrial wood, large living room helps the homeowners to be delighted in the urban landscape. The kitchen is fully equipped with kitchen cabinets, kitchen shelves and hoods, washers and faucets; the bathroom is provided with a full range of equipment, accessories...

The apartments are diverse in area: 70.9m2, 83.3m2, 91.8m2. In addition, Skyvilla apartment is 154.2m2 in width, Penthouse area is from 163.3m2 to 178.8m2.


Some apartment premises in Rung Co Ecopark apartment block:





The apartment complex has perfect and world-class facilities and services: swimming pool, tennis court, gym, golf course, children's playground, club, walking garden, 24/24 security system, bus system to transport the residents from the apartment to Hanoi which operates from 5:30 to 23:00...

The price of Rung Co apartment is from 22 million/m2 (including VAT, 2% maintenance fee, complete furniture), direct contract from the investor. The price is only from 1,5 billion/apartment to more than 3

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