Aqua Bay apartment is located in a prime location in Ecopark Van Giang urban area, surrounded by a green space of a high-class golf course, and an airy landscape of a lake up to 17ha wide. The 36-storey Lake Tower is smartly designed, so the apartments have an area from 46m2 to 200m2 with a separate elevator system and 5-star and high-class facilities. There is a wide and open view with a unique 270-degree water view in the project.

Aqua Bay Sky Residence Apartment

Overview of the Lake building - Ecopark Van Giang


High-class serviced apartments

When customers own serviced apartments on the shores of Central Lake, homeowners can fully enjoy the brilliant rays of the sun on the blue water and the sparkling sunset in the middle of Aqua Bay every day. The green area of ​​the high-class golf course creates a beautiful picture right in front of your eyes.

All residents will enjoy the outstanding quality of building management, clean and civilized sanitary environment. Including services such as housekeeping, laundry, preliminary processing, car calls, breakfast service,….

There is also a movie theater right next to your house. You will enjoy the blockbuster blockbusters of the world's cinema right at the CGV cinema, just a few steps away, with a modern cinema system.

High-class utility system in Ecopark

High-class utility system in Ecopark

Design of apartments in Lake Ecopark building

With a variety of apartment types, areas spread from 46m2 to 163m2, serving a variety of purposes for homeowners from home to live or rent is very reasonable.

One-bedroom apartment with a typical area of ​​45m2 with an extremely spacious and airy kitchen and living room with two balconies. In addition, customers can turn the multi-purpose space into an extra bedroom or an office.

Next, is a 2-bedroom apartment with a typical area from 58m2 to 96m2 designed into two separate bedrooms, living room and kitchen are arranged airy adjacent to each other. In addition, the common space can be transformed into a reading room, office or extra bedroom, which is very reasonable.

Finally, a 3-bedroom apartment with an area from 157.2m2 to 162.84m2 is designed with two master bedrooms, an additional bedroom with 3 bathrooms, followed by the living room and kitchen space. Extremely spacious up to 64m2 combined with a balcony to create the airiest space possible for the apartment. The common space can be used as an office, a fourth small bedroom, or removed to make the living room airier.

 Apartment design of Lake Ecopark Building

Apartment design of Lake Ecopark Building


Like other high-class urban areas, Ecopark always aims to provide the most advanced services to residents. With the criterion of always absorbing the opinions of residents to bring about the best possible. Utilities include:

  • Outdoor swimming pool, infinity
  • System  modern gym
  • Clubs like sports & arts
  • Sports field systems such as football, tennis, volleyball,...
  • Park system
  • Jogging track
  • Supermarket system
  • Schools and hospitals

Thus, with dozens of modern amenities and apartments of various types. Ecopark Van Giang urban area promises to be an attractive project that attracts a lot of attention from customers as well as the most demanding investors.

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