Ecopark urban project is a high-class real estate project, located in the southeast of Hanoi city, invested by Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, on a scale of up to 500ha, with a total investment fee of 6 billion USD, built 13 apartment buildings, with 1500 apartments. The project is blessed by nature with its location surrounded by the Red River and Duong River. With a large-scale design, Ecopark Van Giang urban area promises to be a project that attracts a lot of attention from investors as well as customers.

Ecopark Van Giang project, Hung Yen

Types of apartments in Ecopark

With a design of 13 buildings with 1500 apartments, divided into the following types of apartments:

  • Apartment type A: Area of 65.8m2 (the old area is 70.9m2)
  • Apartment type B: Area of 77.34m2 (the old area is 83.3m2)
  • Apartment type C: Area of 85.9m2 (the old area is 91.8m2)
  • Sky Villa apartment: Area 144.6m2 (the old area 154.2m2)
  • Penthouse apartments include 2 types: Area of 151.7m2 (the old area is 163.3m2) and 173.8m2

Interior of Ecopark Van Giang apartment

Interior of Ecopark Van Giang apartment

High-class utilities and services in the urban area

Green life in Ecopark urban area: to start the feeling of green life, Ecopark brings wonderful experiences with a harmonious living environment and focuses on bringing a full and comfortable life. and most complete. This place is affectionately classified as "the greenest city in the North", the "green lung" in the Southeast of the capital.

Service & utility system at Ecopark Van Giang

Service & utility system at Ecopark Van Giang

Unique cultural space

With all our enthusiasm to revive the ancient breath in the heart of modern life, we can be proud that Ecopark is a place where cultures are immortalized in time.

In addition, the attractiveness of Ecopark is created by the traditional highlights, the traditional cultural features of the Vietnamese people.

Perfect service

Ecopark has created a way of life, giving customers choices of types of housing, from villas, townhouses to utility apartments.

  • Diverse commercial and supermarket chains serving the essential needs of residents
  • Education system from preschool to university, meeting the educational quality standards of Vietnam and the world

Education system at Ecopark Van Giang

  • Diverse amusement, entertainment, and sports areas with many green parks, walking paths, swimming pools, gyms, spa services, art clubs, ...

With various types of apartments as well as diverse and rich utility services, Ecopark Van Giang promises to be the most livable green city in Hanoi. Supply seems to have a great attraction to investors.

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