Palm forest apartment complex is located in the first phase of Ecopark Van Giang, and is located near Hanoi, is one of the first apartment complexes in Ecopark since 2011. Especially, this area is very large and old and has the most trees in Ecopark urban area, especially here, it has been provided with all necessary facilities.

Green space at Ecopark

Green space at Ecopark

Design of a 2-bedroom apartment in Rung Co

Especially with the design of a 2-bedroom apartment here. The apartment is designed by the investor to optimize the area between the rooms to help the airiest space with an area from 55m2 to 70m2 with a large balcony. Thus, we see that this apartment is very suitable for young families, especially with very high investment opportunities.

Ecopark Van Giang apartment design

Ecopark Van Giang apartment design

Why choose Palm Forest?

Do you like a lot of trees: then choosing a palm forest is very reasonable because this apartment complex is located next to the garden villa, which is one of the greenest areas of Ecopark. Especially, the temperature here in the summer is always 3-4 degrees lower than the temperature in the center of Hanoi.

You want your children to study at a high-quality school: here Doan Thi Diem School is located right next to Building A in a palm grove, so they can walk to school by themselves every day.

Ecopark buses are many and convenient: although they have to pay a monthly bus fee, the number of Ecopark buses serving phase 1 of Ecopark is two to three times more than phase 2. Especially Running hours and bus routes are many, with a shorter travel time to Hanoi, through which you can comfortably use the bus here.

Open apartment design: specially designed with only 6 apartments on one floor, and each apartment is a corner apartment with 2 open sides.

Peaceful community: of course, there are cases of this and that, but in general, when you live here, you will see that the residents see the residents of the Rung Co apartment building as gentle and civilized. Especially They include residents who have come to Ecopark since the first time when the roads were still very difficult and other people who have lived in Ecopark for a long time to blend in with the very unique culture in this Ecopark urban area.

Suitable for the elderly: Palm Forest is extremely suitable for the elderly, with tree-lined grounds, close to parks such as summer park, which helps to relax and take a walk, and there are many clubs for people to enjoy. grandparents can communicate.

Many play areas for children, as well as adults: in the Palm Forest there are many playgrounds for children, football and basketball courts right under the buildings.

Extremely safe for children: it is a very good point that Rung Co's apartment buildings help to connect each other into an enclosed area, allowing children to play in this area quite safely without being disturbed. must run to the main road, where there is traffic.

Full service: Rung Co apartment building near Pho Truc, there are many shops such as Café, commercial centers and especially on weekends there will be fairs, one of the familiar meeting places of residents here. this.

So with the amenities of the apartment as well as the facilities here. Ecopark apartment building promises to be one of the most worth living and investing places in Ecopark urban area.

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