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Apartments Ecopark Van Giang is a premier real estate project, located to the southeast of central Hanoi, invested by Viet Hung Urban Investment and Development JSC. Ecopark Van Giang is consisted of apartments, villas and townhouses. Its location is ideal for business, trading and commercial activities.

overview of ecopark van giang

An overview of Ecopark Van Giang


Constructed on the land area of 500 ha, Ecopark Van Giang consists of 13 apartment blocks with 1500 apartments, 138 Vuon Mai Villas, 204 Vuon Tung Villas, and Truc townhouses. Surrounded by the Red and Duong Rivers, stretching along the Bac Giang Hai River, Ecopark Van Giang itself enjoys a nearly 100 ha natural regulation lake. Rung Co Apartments Ecopark Van Giang promises to bring you a fulfilling life.

Officially constructed in 2009 and expected to complete by 2029, Ecopark Van Giang, a 6 billion dollar invested real estate project located in the district of Van Giang, Hung Yen Province, is made up of 13 apartment blocks sharing the same basement. There are many apartments of various using areas to offer.

villas and townhouses ecopark van giang

Villas and townhouses Ecopark Van Giang

Among the 13 apartment blocks are there three 19-storey blocks, six 22-storey blocks and four 25-storey blocks providing 1500 apartments. There are also many villas and townhouses for rent and for sales.


-          To southeast Hanoi, in the district of Van Giang, Hung Yen Province, near Bat Trang Ceramic Village

-          Nearby places: Bac Hung Hai River, Thanh Tri Bridge, Ring Road 3, Vinh Tuy Bridge, Chuong Duong Bridge

location of ecopark van giang

Location of Ecopark Van Giang

The location of Ecopark Van Giang is ideal for business and commercial activities.


Phase 1: 30 % when signing the Sales Contract (SC)

Phase 2: 40 % within 30 days since the day of signing the contract

Phase 3: the rest and 2 % maintenance fee upon apartment delivery

ecopark van giang apartments complex


-          Restaurants and shopping centers

-          Hospital, medical centers

-          Doan Thi Diem Primary School

-          Tennis courts, goft fields, parks, trees

-          Children playground, clubhouse

shopping malls and restaurants ecopark van giang

Shopping malls and restaurants in Ecopark

living environment in ecopark van giang

Green, open and eco-friendly living environment

Smartly-designed, Ecopark Van Giang is eco-friendly and open to green spaces. It is the place where you can enjoy your life.

List of properties for sale

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